1001 Oxford North Junction 4 July 2015

1001 passes Oxford North Junction on 4 July 2015 with the Hastings Diesels 1Z41 15:50 Stratford-upon-Avon to Hastings 'Warwickshire Wanderer' railtour, with Class 202 S60116 Mountfield leading. The junction for the single track line to Bicester (presently being converted to an upgraded double track mainline) can be seen diverging to the right just behind the train. The relief line on the right ends just a few yards further on, having been temporarily lifted as part of the rebuilding programme. The trackbed of the seemingly abandoned down relief line reinstatement can be seen diverging to the left, with some extensive engineering works in the foreground. Nothing has be done to this in the past year. In the foreground is the footpath crossing allowing access to the Trap Grounds allotments, which has locked gates at each side, preventing unauthorised access.