1001 Quainton Road 14 May 2011

1001 sits in the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre's Quainton Road station quietly thumping away, waiting to work the 1Z58 14:00 shuttle to Claydon LNE Junction, part of the Hastings Diesels Ltd 'Metrolander' railtour on 14 May 2011. It had arrived earlier in the day with the 1Z57 06:38 Hastings to Quainton Road, and had already worked one shuttle to Claydon at 11:35 (unsurprisingly the 1Z57!). I was surprised at how few people there were either from the tour or visiting the centre, as in spite of having to wait for a brief sunny spell to take this picture, I have not had to resort to cloning anyone out of the picture at all!