1001 Uffington 24 April 2010

With Class 202 S60116 Mountfield leading, 1001 passes milepost 68 as it heads west near Uffington on 24 April 2010 with the Hastings Diesels Ltd 1Z86 07:30 Hastings to Bridgnorth 'Severn Explorer' railtour. Although it doesn't look like it here, the sun is actually out, but there is so much hazy cloud diffusing the light that there are virtually no shadows. Typical, as this spot was chosen as the sun would just be on the front end at the required time! Note the seed heads of the Great Reedmace (Typha latifolia) growing in the lineside ditch. This is the plant that is commonly (but incorrectly) called the Bulrush.