153326, 153384 & 158774 Kelby Lane 25 July 2009

In 2009 it is quite common to get pictures of two different liveries in an East Midlands Trains service using several units coupled together, such is the profusion of liveries in the fleet. However, this is something of a bonus, with three different versions of EMT colours in one train! 153326 in the current colour scheme leads 153384 in rebranded Central Trains livery, with 158774 in the former East Midlands colours bringing up the rear. The train is the 09:55 Nottingham to Skegness and the location is (I hardly need to type this really!) Kelby Lane, between Ancaster and Rauceby. The prominent sign is either an excellently placed piece of railway infrastructure immediately identifying the location, or a bloody nuisance completely messing up the shot, depending on your viewpoint!