165028 Wolvercote Tunnel 22 May 2011

165028 emerges from Wolvercote Tunnel on 22 May 2011 with the first Chiltern Railways operated Bicester to Oxford train. A little while before it had worked up to Bicester with the very first train (the 2L06 09:36 Oxford to Bicester Town) and is pictured here heading back with the 2L07 10:05 Bicester Town to Oxford. Chiltern Railways have taken over the route from First Great Western and are initially running to exactly the same timetable. However, Chiltern have grand plans to upgrade the route and turn it into a through route to London via a new chord at Bicester. The lush vegetation here belies its real location, it being nowhere near as rural as it looks. The houses of the Oxford suburb of Wolvercote are all around and there is a roundabout on the Oxford ring road just above the tunnel!