165038 & 165037 Culham 13 May 1992

165038 & 165037 speed through Culham on 13 May 1992 with the 5F50 18:43 Twyford to Oxford Carriage Sidings empty stock working. This had previously formed the 1F50 17:53 Paddington to Twyford, from where it became a non-stop ECS working to Oxford. Obviously there are more commuters in the lower Thames Valley, but for the sake of a few minutes station time at intermediate stops, I would have thought it could have still carried passengers onwards to Oxford! Both these units were on short term loan to Thames Valley services at the time, as the intended Class 165/1 units had not yet been delivered. After several months working to Oxford, Newbury, etc, they would then take up their Chiltern Line duties.