166201 Charlbury 21 April 2011

Charlbury's new down platform is pictured under construction on 21 April 2011, as 166201 departs with the 1W41 14:21 Paddington to Moreton-in-Marsh First Great Western service (the only train on the line not to travel at least as far as Worcester). Note the large base for the new footbridge on the extreme left of the picture. I presume the reinforced circular steel sections that one of the workmen is sitting on are the footings for the footbridge. They had only just been delivered when I took this photo, and in fact the surprisingly clean white lorry they came in had only just driven out of the car park a matter of minutes before the train came into view. A scene full of clutter, but history in the making, or should that be in the remaking, as of course the station originally had two platforms until 1971 anyway!