166203 Aston Magna 23 June 2009

A row of wooden pegs seems to be the only sign of the imminent Cotswold Line redoubling at Aston Magna on 23 June 2009. 166203 round the corner with the 12:06 Worcester Foregate Street to Paddington First Great Western service. Just as this train was due a Network Rail van drove onto the trackside and parked right in the picture. I could hear the Turbo hoot just around the corner as I quickly changed the 35mm lens for a 100mm one to exclude the van. In the end I think it makes a better picture, as the longer lens accentuates the hills in the background. The ironic thing is that as soon as the train had passed the van drove off up the track, therefore only being in the way for less than a minute just as the train passed - unbelievable!