168108 & 172103 Water Eaton 1 November 2015

Superb autumn colours pictured in brilliant sunshine on the warmest November day on record. 168108 & 172103 pass Water Eaton on 1 November 2015 with the 1T27 11:35 Marylebone to Oxford Parkway Chiltern Railways service. This picture is taken from a new overbridge, which combines the role of the former footpath crossing linking Gosford with Water Eaton, and the private road linking Gosford with Northfield Farm. The concrete road leading to the farm ran along the far edge of the field on the left, past the WW2 pill box, and through the wood. There was formerly a bridge over the line where the new fence and signals can be seen in the background. In the far distance the house next to the line at Mill Lane, Islip, can just be seen.