170115 Natton 7 November 2016

170115 passes Natton on 7 November 2016 with the 1V10 13:10 Nottingham to Cardiff Central CrossCountry service. Just visible in the background is 56104 sat in Ashchurch loop, having failed whilst working the 3S34 20:09 Gloucester Horton Road to Gloucester Horton Road (via Oxford) Rail Head Treatment Train. This is slightly ironic, as it was itself a replacement for 56078 which had been removed earlier on in the day with wheel flats! Unfortunately this is the only glimpse I got of 56104, as although I saw the unusual single loco worked part of the diagram on the Cotswold Line, I obviously picked the wrong spot on the Worcester to Gloucester line, and should have gone to Croome, like most other photographers seemed to do!