180104 Evesham 25 November 2017

180104 arrives at Evesham on 25 November 2017 with the 1P47 12:06 Worcester Foregate Street to Paddington GWR service, while in the foreground the 1W02 10:17 Paddington to Hereford HST, with 43004 leading, waits for it to clear the single line to Norton Junction. Note the advertising vinyls on the rear two coaches of 180104. I had gone to this location to photograph 37884 with the 5V94 08:50 Northampton to Long Marston ECS, conveying London Midland EMU 350235. This was running roughly to time when I left home, but when I arrived I found out that it was still stuck at Nuneaton, after 37884 had failed. By the time rescue loco 37601 had been summoned it was obviously going to be extremely late, so I came home. It passed Evesham 174 minutes late, by which time it would have been very nearly dark.