20131 & 20128 Firsby 3 September 1993

In golden evening lighting, 20131 & 20128 slow down for the almost 120 degree curve at Firsby with the last ever Class 20 hauled Skegness summer passenger service, the 1M86 18:12 Skegness to Leicester on 3 September 1993. The train carries the 'Jolly Fisherman' headboard, which at various times was the semi-official name for the Class 20 hauled trains to the Lincolnshire resort. The passengers are obviously aware of the historic nature of the event, as they are seemingly all leaning out of the windows to watch the bizarre spectacle of the train suddenly changing direction in the middle of nowhere! Strangely, I don't recall the mass of photographers that I would have expected at this location, given the historic nature of the train.