230001 Shipton 16 February 2024

230001 Viva Venturer passes Shipton station on 16 February 2024 with the 5Q23 10:25 Long Marston to Reading Traincare Depot, a one time delivery run, taking the battery unit from its former Vivarail base, to its new life with GWR. It is intended to be used on the short Greenford branch line, which will be equipped with fast charging equipment for the lithium-ion batteries. The 70 mile run from Long Marston to Reading, which includes the steep Campden Bank, was completed on time and without any issues, so the 2 mile long Greenford branch shouldn't be a problem! I doubt if the FWP Matthews lorry driver appreciates the novelty of an electric train on the Cotswold Line. He is probably wondering what I am doing standing on a stepladder by the fence!