230003 Long Marston 18 September 2018

After several false starts over the previous weeks, 230003 finally left Long Marston on its delivery run to the Bedford to Bletchley line on 18 September 2018. Running an hour late due to the late running of 50008 Thunderer with the 4Z68 11:38 Long Marston to Wembley container flats, 230003 is pictured leaving Long Marston with the 5Q13 13:10 Long Marston to Bletchley TMD ECS. This is the first of three units that Vivarail are supplying to London Northwestern Railway to replace Class 150s on the Marston Vale line. Although it made its long journey to Bletchley successfully (even turning late running into being 55 minutes early at one point), it did seem to have a spot of bother at the start, as just after I took this picture, it shut down briefly underneath the bridge!