230004 Charlbury 7 February 2019

The second of the three Class 230 DMUs for the Marston Vale Line made its delivery run from Long Marston to Bletchley via the Cotswold Line on 7 February 2019. Curiously this run was not activated on the system until after it had left, which caused problems for some photographers, but I was easily able to go out for a picture at the southern end of the Cotswold Line. I initially went to Finstock, as I had already thought of the caption for the resultant picture (Small train, small station), but that was in shade, so my next choice was nearby Charlbury. So here is 230004 arriving at Charlbury in crisp winter light with the 5Q13 13:10 Long Marston to Bletchley ECS. As it had to wait in the station for a northbound HST, I drove round to Cornbury Park for another picture.