25209 Oxford North Junction 12 February 1985

25209 passes Oxford North Junction with the 6V19 06:05 Bescot to Didcot Speedlink on 12 February 1985. A perfect combination of classic traction, interesting mixed freight train, sunshine and snow, what more could you ask for? 25209 was withdrawn in December 1985 and cut up at M. C. Metal Processing at Springburn in March 1992. The line to Bicester, which in 1985 was still purely a freight only route, can be seen diverging to the right in the background. The overgrown area between the stream and the allotments is the site of the former down relief line, which extended from here to Wolvercote Junction. It was the longest of the running loops in the area added during the Second World War, with a capacity of 455 wagons.