25265 & 25051 Church Lawford 2 June 1984

25265 & 25051 pass Church Lawford on Saturday 2 June 1984 with 4M78 11:05 Saturdays only Leeds to Rugby freightliner, which connected into an electric-hauled Manchester to Tilbury service at Rugby. The train also called at Bescot to attach a portion from Lawley Street (detached at Bescot from off a Lawley Street Southampton service). I must apologise for the poor framing of this picture, both the unacceptable overhead viewpoint, with the wires obstructing the view, and the fact that I seemed to have pressed the shutter slightly too late! However, it was a grab shot, as the train was approaching as I arrived at the bridge. This is the only time I saw a pair of 'Rats' working a freightliner. Thanks to David J. Hayes for supplying additional information.