2968 Stowe 3 January 1998

5MT Class 2-6-0 2968 passes Stowe (near Knighton) with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z30 05:20 Newport to Llandrindod Wells 'Central Wales Adventurer' railtour on 3 January 1998. It was certainly an adventure, and perhaps I should have paid more attention to the floods in the valley of the River Teme, seen in the background here. The tour was booked to traverse the entire length of the Central Wales Line, continuing south after an hour and a half's break at Llandrindod Wells. In the event, due to the line being flooded further to the south, the tour retraced its steps, heading back tender first. Apologies for the poor technical quality of this picture, but the terrible weather was really pushing 35mm Fujichrome 100 to the limit.