31215 & 31161 Newton Longville 15 November 1986

A very poor picture, but such a massively rare working that I just had to include it here. 31215 & 31161 pass Newton Longville on 15 November 1986 conveying one of the three London Transport Central Line 1986 tube stock prototypes. Two of these units were built by Metro Cammel, but this is unit B, constructed by BREL at Derby. It is seen here on its delivery run, en-route to Neasden. The three units only lasted in service for a few years, with no follow up orders, although they did lead to the development of the 1992 stock. I was certainly not expecting this train, as I had gone to this location to photograph 31159 on the UKF fertiliser empties, and was astonished to see another pair of 31s approaching from the opposite direction! Normally I would regard the sun breaking through the early morning fog as the train approached as being a miracle, but here it was a nuisance, as the shot from the north side of the line allowed a much clearer view. I hadn't considered the trackside bushes would be a problem here, as I wasn't expecting anything from this direction!