31970 Gloucester 17 September 1989

A couple of Class 31s received the striking red, white and black Derby Railway Technical Centre livery, 97203 (the former 31298) and its replacement, 97204 (the former 31326). The latter was later renumbered back into the 31 series, becoming 31970. In this guise it is seen at Gloucester on 17 September 1989. It was an exhibit at the Gloucester Rail Day, and is seen here in the company of 'Deltic' D9000 Royal Scots Grey and 'Western' D1013 Western Ranger. It is hardly surprising that I didn't manage to get this loco's predecessor in this distinctive colour scheme, as it caught fire and was condemned just a month after being repainted! 31970 didn't have a particularly long life as a research loco either. and the only other time I saw it was again at the 1990 Gloucester Rail Day, in equally dull conditions!