3401 Mortlake 24 February 2001

Between Barnes station and Mortlake station, the railway runs for a considerable distance sandwiched between two roads (North & South Worple Way). Long sections of this are still fenced off from the road by some of the Southern Railway's concrete sectional fencing, as seen here on the left. This was one of many concrete lineside features manufactured at the company's works at Exmouth Junction. Pioneer Class 423 4-VEP 3401 (originally 7701) runs though this concrete canyon, and approaches Mortlake station on 24 February 2001 with the 13:32 Waterloo to Waterloo (via Kingston) South West Trains service. I'm not quite sure why this is showing a 37 headcode, instead of 32. Surely 37s go via Brentford. Clarification anyone?