37012 Rannoch 11 July 1983

A West Highland Speedlink freight train meeting at Rannoch station on 11 July 1983. 37179 & 20114 wait patiently at the signal with the 7Y37 12:23 Mossend to Corpach, as the highly appropriate 37012 Loch Rannoch approaches with the 6E46 15:19 Fort William to Mossend service. There is plenty of period detail in this picture, including the blue station nameboard, semaphore signals, and the memorial to J. A. Renton, a director of the West Highland Railway. Even more detail is clearly visible on the hi-res version of this Kodachrome 64 scan, including the small footbridge in the distance on the extreme right, and the fact that the secondman has got the token in his hand, hanging out of the window, ready for a quick exchange.