37072 & 37264 Hallen Marsh Junction 3 December 1994

After an entire day of dreadful light and intermittent rain, the sun finally made a very brief appearance on 3 December 1994, as 37072 & 37264 commenced their journey back to London after visiting various branch lines in the Swindon and Bristol area with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z60 'Westerleigh Wizard' railtour. It is seen here rounding the curve from Hallen Marsh Junction onto the freight only line to Filton, glinting nicely in the late afternoon sun. 47705 can be seen on the rear of the train. The tour had already visited Didcot Power Station, the remains of the Highworth Branch at Swindon, and Avonmouth. However, the tour was not quite over, as on the way back it would visit the Westerleigh Branch.