37099 Wolvercote Junction 31 October 2018

37099 Merl Evans 1947-2016 passes Wolvercote Junction on 31 October 2018 with the 1Z01 13:15 Tyseley to Bristol High Level Siding Network Rail test train. 37175 is bringing up the rear. For some reason the train was briefly stopped at a red signal just around the corner, which was annoying, as the 2M40 14:09 Didcot Parkway to Banbury DMU was rapidly approaching from behind, and it sped past just a few seconds after I took this picture. A close call! This train replaced one that should have traversed the Cotswold Line in a much earlier path, and although of course I could have taken a picture of that train here, I had already worked out that it wasn't running before I left home. This therefore was a welcome bonus, although as it was a last minute addition, I may not have noticed it, so was grateful that a friend sent me a text informing me that it was on the way.