37376 & 37037 Westerleigh 24 July 1996.

Whilst driving back from Wales on 24 July 1996 I was amazed to see a pair of 37s at Westerleigh on the Avon Binliner in place of the usual Class 58. As I was on the M4 at the time, and Westerleigh was quite a few miles away by road, plus it seemed as if the locos were ready to leave, I thought my chance of getting a photo was pretty slim. However, not only did I manage to get there in time, but even had time for a chat with the driver prior to the train's departure. 37376 & 37037 catch the last of the evening light as they prepare to leave Westerleigh with the 4C06 20:00 Westerleigh to Stoke Gifford loaded containers. Some of these containers were loaded at the depot here (just out of sight to the right), and some came from Oldfield Park, Bath. The 37s will leave the train at Stoke Gifford, before going to Barrow Road to collect the final portion, before running as 4B07 22:32 Barrow Road to Calvert, picking up these containers again at Stoke Gifford.