37607 & 37608 Wolvercote 2 September 2011

How's this for an unusual headboard! The 'Dead Pigeon Express' passes Wolvercote on 2 September 2011, led by 37607 & 37608, with 47841 out of sight on the rear. This is actually of course the Cruise Saver Express 1Z59 05:45 Glasgow to Southampton Eastern Docks private charter, which has picked up its unautorised passenger en-route. It is obviously a northern pigeon, as it was already hitching a ride near Preston! As I had photographed this train at this location exactly one month before, I thought I would re-use the location, in view of the different traction. I rightly guessed that although the shadows would be lengthening after a month, the fact that it was booked to pass thirty minutes earlier would compensate. In the event it was running ten minutes late.