40086 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 3 November 1984

40086 is pictured passing Circourt Bridge, Denchworth in golden autumnal light on 3 November 1984 with the Lancashire Loco Society 1Z29 08:29 Bolton to Swindon 'Swindon Ambassador III' railtour. The tour was running very late at this point because 40086 had run out of fuel at Didcot and had been taken to Reading for fuel by 58017, borrowed off an MGR train. At least in those days these out of course events were dealt with relatively quickly. No doubt if the same thing happened today, the tour would have passed me after dark, or else been cancelled, such is today's railways inability to deal with the unexpected. 40086 was withdrawn in January 1985 and cut up the following month.