43112 Askham 21 December 2019

43112 passes Askham on 21 December 2019 with the LNER 1Z43 11:01 Leeds to Kings Cross 'West Riding Limited HST Farewell' railtour, the final booked HST on the East Coast Mainline. The smiling and waving driver, along with other occupants of the cab can be seen enjoying the historic event, as the iconic HSTs say farewell to the route after 41 years of sterling service. The driver's arm must have been aching by the time he reached London, as not only can he be seen waving in many people's pictures, but from all accounts, he was making full use of the horn for most of the journey! Even though the previous public footpath crossing was a mile away, multiple blasts on the horn could be heard long before it approached. Although there was very little likelihood of any sun, annoyingly it appeared very briefly just after the train passed.