47060 Hampton Gay 11 July 1989

Trying to find somewhere different to photograph the many northbound freights on a summer's evening around the Oxford area in the 1980s led to the discovery of this spot near the deserted medieval village of Hampton Gay. 47060 Halewood Silver Jubilee 1988 crosses the bridge over River Cherwell with the 6E30 17:18 Eastleigh to Haverton Hill Speedlink on 11 July 1989. The trackless bridge in the foreground once carried the Woodstock Branch (closed in 1954). The branch ran parallel with the mainline from Kidlington station, but then just past this bridge curved away to the west. This was a very precarious vantage point, trying to get enough height without stepping off the bridge and falling into the river. And no, I did not remove the top rail of the bridge to get a clearer view of the wheels!