47147 Thrupp 25 April 1986

47147 passes Thrupp with the 4V16 09:33 Washwood Heath to Morris Cowley Austin Rover cars on 25 April 1986. Presumably most of the vehicles in this picture are no longer with us. 47147 has certainly gone, being cut up at Vic Berry's at Leicester in 1999. I would image that most of the cars probably beat it to the scrapyard by several years and such was the poor quality of BL's products at the time that it is highly unlikely that any of this trainload survive. There is actually a cement works chimney in the background of this picture, although the mist had yet to clear to reveal it. It had cleared a little later by the time the first coal train to Didcot appeared behind 58006. It is totally impossible to take a picture from this location now due to the lineside tree growth.