47579 Wolvercote Junction 17 August 1993

A train in trouble! 47579 James Nightall GC approaches Wolvercote Junction at walking speed on 17 August 1993, hauling withdrawn Class 413 4-CAP EMUs 3311, 3302 & 3322 from Eastleigh to MC Metals at St Rollox. An hour earlier the train had come to a stand just beyond the bridge in the background. It stayed there, holding up several trains, until a fitter arrived in a van. After doing something to one of the units, he got back in his van, and was going to race it to Tackley, saying that he didn't think it would get to Banbury, let alone Glasgow! He was almost right, as the train was terminated at Banbury. It was very fortunate that it was travelling at such an unbelievably slow speed, as the picture had to be taken at 1/250 sec with the lens wide open, as the light had totally collapsed during the long wait for it to move!