47801 Stoke Orchard 14 March 1990

On 14 March 1990, 47801 passes the last remnants of the lineside orchards that presumably give the nearby village of Stoke Orchard its name. It is working the 1V51 08:50 Glasgow Central to Penzance 'Cornish Scot'. This locomotive only carried the number 47801 for a relatively short time, from September 1989 until February 1992. Prior to be renumbered into the 47/8 series it carried the number 47551, which is what it reverted to in 1992! It must also be a candidate for the most renumberings (if not actual different numbers carried). It entered service in July 1964 as D1746, becoming 47551 with the advent of TOPS in 1974. However, this was briefly changed to 47153, before reverted back to 47551. After the period as 47801 and subsequent switch back to its old favourite number, 47551, it changed yet again to 47774 in 1993. Any further chance of renumbering was ended by it being cut up in 2006!