47805 & 47501 Islip 21 February 2014

47805 John Scott 12.5.45 - 22.5.12 & 47501 Craftsman approach Islip on 21 February 2014 with the 4Z30 09:12 Bicester Central Ordnance Depot to Crewe, comprising a couple of Mk 2 coaches, and a couple of flats. As the Bicester to Oxford line is closed for major rebuilding work (hence the stacked Portakabins on the right), there would be no passenger trains to regulate this working, and so an early departure was possible. However, in the event, it was running exactly to time. Just visible in the undergrowth beneath the tree is an isolated section of track that is all that remains of the entrance into the former oil depot. This presumably will soon be swept away during track relaying.