47805 Oaksey 4 March 2014

47805 John Scott 12.5.45 - 22.5.12 speeds past the site of Oaksey halt on 4 March 2014 with the 5Z28 09:24 Eastleigh to Crewe ECS, which includes an interesting mix of liveries. This was running over an hour late, which was fortunate, as the lighting had improved from impossibly backlit to just very backlit! It had actually left Eastleigh not far short of two hours down, but managed to regain all its lost time, arriving at Crewe exactly on time! The cleared station site in the foreground, and the machinery compound behind the loco are all part of the work to reinstate the double track on this section of the Swindon to Gloucester line. I particularly wanted to photograph this train here, as it shows it running on what will soon be the 'wrong' line, with the new uncommissioned down line in the foreground.