47813 & 47828 Long Marston 21 August 2006

On 21 August 2006, another rake of off lease stock was moved from Oxley to Long Marston for secure storage. 5Z87 08:20 Oxley to Long Marston is pictured arriving at its destination hauled by 47813 John Peel , with 47828 Joe Strummer dead in tow. Behind them are 87023 & 87003, followed by eleven Mk3 coaches, including a recently refurbished buffet car and a First Great Western sleeper. The shear lunacy of the privatised railways is brought into focus by scenes such as this. Passengers are forced to put up with short, cramped, inferior trains, while high quality rolling stock such as this is stored. This is not an isolated example, Long Marston is full of complete rakes of stock, some freshly refurbished.