47815 & 47813 Cam & Dursley 26 March 2019

Running over three hours late, 47815 Lost Boys 68-88 & 47813 Jack Frost approach Cam & Dursley station on 26 March 2019 with the 5Q42 09:39 (in theory!) Portbury Automotive Terminal to Crewe ECS, conveying brand new shrink wrapped TransPennine EMU 397004. 37611 Pegasus is bringing up the rear. Problems with 47813 later caused the train to be put in Eckington loop, delaying it even further. Little did I realise that a Voyager was bearing down on me at high speed, and unbelievably in the nine seconds between this picture, and the one of 37611 on the rear, the Voyager had passed by, narrowly missing messing up one or other of the pictures!