47820 Waldersea 15 January 1995

The Long Drove level crossing at Waldersea is opened on 15 January 1995, so that 47820 can continue its slow journey up the Wisbech branch with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z36 08:32 Kings Cross to Orton Mere 'Brown Cow' railtour. As can be seen by the shiny rails, the Wisbech line was still in use at this time, with a daily train of pet food from the Spillers factory. Unfortunately that traffic ceased in July 2000, and since then the line has been closed. In 2003 the Wisbech March Railway Group was formed to preserve the line. Trading as the 'Bramley Line', they have cleared some vegetation, and installed a siding on the wasteland in the left of this view, exactly where Waldersea Siding was in steam days.