47826 Charlbury (Cornbury Park) 28 April 2012

47826 leads the Railtourer 1Z79 06:29 Cleethorpes to Oxford 'Oxford and the Cotswolds' railtour through the rain at Cornbury Park, Charlbury on 28 April 2012. The train is just coming off the newly installed section of double track, and whilst 47826 is now on the single track section to Wolvercote Junction, the rear locomotive (47851) is still on the new section. At this point the train was fifteen minutes ahead of schedule, which meant that instead of the booked full line speed run through Charlbury station (just out of sight around the corner in the background), it had been signal checked, as the northbound First Great Western Turbo unit had only just cleared the section. This was lucky, as not only did it mean less time hanging around in the rain, but also resulted in 47826 clagging away nicely as it built up speed again.