47828 Uffington 19 November 2011

47828 passes Uffington on 19 November 2011 with the 1Z80 08:04 Cardiff Central to Kensington Olympia Northern Belle. 47832 can just be seen bringing up the rear. The excellent lighting here was an incredible piece of luck, as when I left home it was completely cloudy. I was heading for Baulking for a purely record shot, when I noticed a few small breaks in the cloud. Just in case, I headed to my original planned location at Uffington, where amazingly the sun came out fully at the appropriate moment. It then started to cloud up again, and when I got back home it was back to 100% cloud cover. If only all photographic trips happen like that! I had particularly wanted to photograph the train at this location, to include the autumn tints on the trees in the background.