47830 Little Haresfield 9 April 2016

47830 Beeching's Legacy pulls out of Haresfield Loop on 9 April 2016 with the 5Z56 06:00 Kilmarnock Barclay Sidings to Laira ECS, conveying a freshly refurbished set of HST Mk3 coaches. This was running over two hours early, and by continuing to miss out booked layovers in various loops, managed to increase that later to being over three hours early! I was extremely lucky that it did in fact go into Haresfield Loop for a short while, as my original plan was to photograph it from the bridge in Haresfield village, approximately half a mile north of this spot. However, despite leaving home when the train was still in Birmingham, and with what I thought was plenty of time to get there, it passed by just as I was walking up to the bridge, and before I could get my camera out. As it was completely dull on both the drive here, and on the way back home again, I was extremely surprised when the sun came out just at the right time for once!