47901 Fairwood Junction 11 March 1986

The only occasion that I saw the unique 47901 working a train was on 11 March 1986, when I happened to be at Fairwood Junction when it passed by with the 7O83 12:09 Whatley to Fareham ARC stone train. In 1974, as a test bed for the forthcoming Class 56 project, 47046 received an engine transplant in the form of the Ruston Paxman 16RK3CT 3250 hp unit and in view of its non-standard status was renumbered to 47601. It was later renumbered to 47901 and acquired an even more powerful engine - the 3300hp Paxman 12RK3ACT, as destined for use in the Class 58. After its period of evaluation was over, it settled down to work out of Westbury, as pictured here. It did however spend long periods out of traffic, due to its non-standard specification. It was withdrawn in March 1990 and cut up at MC Metals, Glasgow two years later.