50007 & 50049 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 16 September 2017

50007 Hercules & 50049 Defiance pass Claydon (Gloucestershire) on 16 September 2017 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z50 06:13 Burton-on-Trent to Kingswear 'Torbay & Dart Explorer' railtour. The 50s had taken over from 66129 at Worcester Shrub Hill. It was not originally my intention to photograph this train here, but as it was totally cloudy when I arrived in the area, I chose this location as it gives a wider view from the west side of the line. The tour was half an hour late, by which time the weather had changed considerably, and when the train came into view the sun was fully out. Luckily the lineside bushes have recently been cut down, so while the viewpoint is a little head on from the east side, at least it is fully lit. On the plus side, I like the colour contrast of the brown shredded vegetation on the right.