50007 & 500049 Great Bourton 23 September 2018

50007 Hercules & 50049 Defiance (masquerading on this side only as 50006 Neptune & 50011 Centurion respectively) pass Great Bourton on 23 September 2018 with the GBRf Charity Railtours 1Z44 15:00 Crewe to Paddington 'Out of the Ordinary' railtour. This was the final day of a four day tour. 73107 Tracy & 73141 Charlotte are bringing up the rear. After standing in the evening sunshine for some time, I was not impressed when the sun went behind a large cloud just as the train was due. The train was running 11 minutes late, and it looked like the cloud might have moved out of the way in time. It's a pity the train wasn't 12 minutes late, as although the sun was starting to come out, it was a lot brighter shortly afterwards!