50034 & 50035 Woodborough 4 October 1987

In dull foggy autumnal conditions that were so bad that it was only just about possible to take the picture on Kodachrome 200 (hence the poor quality!), 50034 Furious & 50035 Ark Royal approach Woodborough at high speed with the 08:25 Paddington to Newquay special on 4 October 1987. This advertised was the final local hauled train to Newquay, as track rationalisation would later remove the passing loop. Amazingly two 'ordinary' passengers had boarded this train by mistake at Reading thinking it was going to Paddington! They therefore ended up traveling from Reading to Paddington via Exeter! It was certainly a weekend for taking pictures of railtours in poor light, as the previous day's Class 45 tour also ran in poor conditions.