51149 Heyford 6 October 1984

In the days before reliable gen, it was often possible to be standing in the wrong position when something interesting appeared. This was the case on 6 October 1984, when while waiting to take a picture of LMS 4-6-0 5690 Leander at Heyford, this appeared from the opposite direction. 51149 leads a nine vehicle DMU formation with the 1Z69 Birmingham New Street (presumably) to Hove football special. Unfortunately my location only allowed me to include less than half the train, but at least it is perfectly lit! Note the inclusion of a Class 101 trailer in the leading three car set. The full formation was Tyseley's sets TS603, TS601 & TS615. The Birmingham City fans were not going to be pleased when they were beaten by Brighton and Hove Albion 2-0!