51616, 59276 & 51622 Woodthorpe 2 April 1995

Two Class 127 vehicles, with the only surviving Class 120 coach pass Woodthorpe on 2 April 1995 with the 15:20 Loughborough to Quorn & Woodhouse service, during the Great Central Railway's Diesel Gala. Class 127 DMBS 51616 is leading, with identical 51622 at the rear. The centre vehicle is Class 120 TSLRB 59276, which worked with the two 127 driving cars for a number of years in preservation. Although it is fortunate that an example of a first generation DMU buffet car vehicle has been preserved, unfortunately none of the distinctive Class 120 driving vehicles made it in to preservation, principally due to the cost of removing the asbestos insulation.