53484, 59186 & 53432 South Marston 16 June 1984

What's all this then, a Buxton Class 104 set on the Great Western Mainline! Whilst waiting for 33207 on the 'Birmingham Boomerang' railtour on 16 June 1984, something even more unusual turned up. BX465 (53484, 59186 & 53432) heads east past South Marston at 19:20 with what is clearly a special. In addition to 'Excursion' showing in the destination blind, the headcode 1Z16 can just be read on a sticker in the first side window. Unfortunately, as this is only a DMU, and therefore of no interest to a lot of railway enthusiasts, I have been unable to find out any details of the working. The unit has presumably not come down from Buxton for this trip, as it worked a Birmingham to Hereford diagram the previous day, and Crewe to Cardiff the day before that. This is the only Class 104 that I have ever seen on this line.