54282 & 55031 Oxford North Junction 25 June 1988

54283 (283) is propelled by 55031 (131) towards Oxford on 25 June 1988 whilst working the 07:58 Banbury to Oxford service. They are pictured approaching Oxford North Junction with the up relief line (which runs from Wolvercote to Oxford) prominent in the foreground. Although both vehicles carry Network SouthEast livery, note the slight differences in livery between them, with slightly different widths to the grey bands and what appears to be a red rather than orange cantrail stripe on 54283. While in common with most Class 121 DMBS vehicles 55031 survives in departmental use, unfortunately the same cannot be said of 54283, which like most of the DTS vehicles has since been cut up, in this case at Gwent Demolition at Margam in 1992.