54396 & 51221 Wennington (New England Bridge) 12 December 1985

Unfortunately I made very few visits to the East Coast Mainline before it was electrified in the 1980s. I particularly regret not visiting this location more often, before it was ruined by the overhead wires. This is the view from New England Bridge, Wennington on 12 December 1985. What a superb location it must have been in the days of the Deltics. The first signs of the end are apparent here, as the new masts have sprung up along the west side of the line. Note how they can be seen curving round to the right in the background, past the isolated Wood Walton church. One of Cambridge depot's twin car sets, 54396 & 51221 rattles along the up relief line with the 12:05 Peterborough to Hitchin 'all stations' service, which in true heritage DMU tradition is showing the wrong destination, in this case Peterborough from where it has just come. This particular unit would become a lot more familiar to me a few years later, as it was transferred to the Western Region, becoming set L207. The bridge in the background is in fact an aqueduct, carrying a small stream across the line.