56286, 55024 & L422 Oxford 19 May 1979

56286 (L286), 55024 (L124) & Class 117 L422 (51402, 59512 & 51360) cross over the Botley Road bridge, as they arrive at Oxford station on 19 May 1979 with the late running 2A64 09:59 Paddington to Oxford service. Midday at Oxford is definitely not the best time for photography, as the line runs north - south. However, this is one of my very few pictures of an all blue Class 121, and one of only a small number of pictures of a Class 117 in the short lived white livery. It is certainly the only picture I have got of them on the same train! Behind the train is Oxford Station South Signal Box, which had been out of use since 1973.